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Sunday, 22 May 2011

~When I Got Nothink To Do~


I logged in my facebook account just now..boleh laa menyangkut dalam 27 latest notifications semuanyaa..tanx all...i don't know why do i get bored with my facebook account lately.. seems like no other new things that i can see in there..about the tagging photos, n the 'like-like' things n so on.. that's why i love to be 'offline' n keep silent with my own world...
I'm not a selfish or being arrogant with my friends or else..everybody needs friend and stay connecting each other but that is just me.... huhu Do you ever feel alone? Well,i'm not saying that i'm alone..i still have my friend and my family..and i love them so much...~!

Talking about my job, i don't know why i should regret for chossing a lab assistant as my job. I admit that it was great at the first time i handled it. However, syukur alhamdulillah because i was very lucky for getting in job first among my friends. So i don't have to worry about my future and i should stop blaming myself. 
 Since working with chemical substances, I have been enthusiastic about the ability to make a little short all by myself. Not only about the chemical things. Even if it's crap. Just an expression of emotion and arts.

But, in reality, what I have ended up with is a big folder full of unfinished stories in my head haha. Barely started actually. Usually when my head get jammed with the chemicals, i left them off first then I write and draw sumthink on a blank paper..writing and drawing...And then I'm bored..funny isn't it?? haha...

hey...look at this pic, very nice yaa?? it's not a drawing actually 
but i wish that i can draw my own face like this huhu ..
Remember, there will always be people who don't accept what you do, i never focused on that seriously, i have a great team of family and friends who have always encouraged and supported my dream...
 ~ mode : sedang mencari mood yang hilang ~
~ Wassalam ~
::: off ::: ^^

--->Martabatkan bahasa ibunda kita.. (Sowy sbb publish dalam english plaa hoho)

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